Coconut – The Holy Fruit

Why Is Coconut Used In Almost All The Rituals Of Hinduism

Coconut is a popular tropical fruit that is found all over India. It is a fruit we enjoy consuming and a significant object in Indian culture.
But we are also familiar with seeing coconuts at temples and at home poojas. Breaking coconuts and performing poojas during inaugurations and special ceremonies is a must in Hindu culture.
So why is Coconut So Significant in Hinduism

  1. It was created by Visvamitra Rishi to be offered to the Gods as a substitute for animal sacrifice.
  2. As a popular fruit offering to God, it is always used during Kalash Sthapana in Hinduism. It is also used during marriages and other occasions.
  3. It is also used during Abhishek ritual ceremonies.
  4. The 3 eyes of coconut represent the 3 eyes of Lord Shiva.
  5. The rough outside and the nourishing sweet inside of the coconut is a sign of nourishment.
  6. Coconut is also symbolic of a person’s ego. Breaking a coconut signifies the destruction of ego and movement of the soul towards salvation.
  7. Coconut is the plant equivalent of cow in Hinduism. It is the eternal giver which gives food, water, leaves, oil and rope. Thus it is significant to life as well.

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