Saraswati Mantras – To Enhance Power of Mind

Saraswati is the presiding deity of all learning and arts. She is depicted in the holy texts as a four- armed deity of white complexion, clad in white sari seated on a white swan. A peacock is also seen with her. Her four arms hold a rosary, white lotus, book and stringed musical instrument vina.
Her four arms are symbolic of four facets of enlightenment: Insight, intelligence, cleverness, memory. One who strives to expand or improve cognition and gain more knowledge, then one has to pray to this deity of learning.
Those who are students, those in music, dance, poetry, writing, acting should seek her blessings to shine in their fields. Worship of this Goddess by constant remembrance, having a photo and praying to her or by chanting her mantras will enhance ones brilliance of mind and intellect, increase creative talents in arts and music. Students will acquire the power to excel in their studies. Saraswati is the Goddess of speech. Through spiritual practice of mantra and prayers to her, one will acquire powerful oratory skills. They will be able to use the right words in the right places and talk in a convincing manner. Words are powerful to render effective communication and this blessing will be possible through her devout worship. Prayer of invocation to Saraswati – To begin studies ||Saraswati namasthubhyam, varadey kama roopini Vidyarambham karishyami siddhir bhavatu me sada|| Meaning: Salutations to thee, sweet mother Saraswati, whose divine form on meditation can fulfil all wishes. Grant me your blessings as I start my learning and be with me always. `
Mantra to have sharp intelligence
||Om kreem kreem kreem swaha||
This mantra should be chanted for 108 times using japa mala. The powerful sacred vibrations of the mantra connect you to realms of higher knowledge. It can make you think effectively and clearly, reach quick solutions to problems and study well. One should meditate on the divine form of Saraswati and recite the mantra for good results.
For good oratory skills
||Om hrim kamini swaha||
This Saraswati mantra helps one to be eloquent in speech. It will help a person to communicate well and talk convincingly. Chanting this mantra for 108 times daily after a clean bath will help a person to achieve beneficial results.
To secure wisdom and Overall benefit
Dwadasha names of Saraswati
The 12 divine names of Saraswati attract the blessings of wisdom and fulfilment of all desires of the heart.
||Prathamam Bharati naama Dwitiyam Cha Saraswati
Thritiyam Sarada Devi Chaturkam Hamsavahini
Panchamam Jagadidhyaata Shastam Vaageshwari
Saptamam Kumudhe Proktha Ashtamam Brahmacharini
Navamam Budhaamaanacha Dashamam Varadaayani
Ekadasham Chandraghanthethi Dwadasham Bhunaveshwari ||
First name Bharathi means, she is the motherland, second name Saraswati means, the primordial flow of consciousness. Third name Sarada means, the essence of all that is pure and good; fourth name Hamsavahini means, the one seated on the celestial swan or hamsa. The fifth name Jagadidhyaata means, on her the entire cosmos rests. Sixth name Vageshwari means, she is the Goddess of primordial sound OM, Seventh name Kumudhe Proktha means, she is the ultimate existence. Eighth name Brahmacharini means, she is the unblemished one, pristine and pure. The ninth name Budhaamana means, she is the cosmic intelligence. Tenth name Varadaayani means the bestower of boons, eleventh name Chandraghanthethi means she wears the crescent moon. The esoteric meaning is she controls all the phases of the Moon and ultimate controller of time. The twelfth name Bhuvaneshwari means she is the supreme controller of the cosmos.
Benefit of recitation:
Anyone who recites this Dwadasha Stotra of Saraswati by knowing the meaning of the names will accrue immense merit or punya, say the texts. They will also be blessed with increased levels of awareness and wisdom. They will occupy high posts and positions in their career and jobs and enjoy all round happiness by the grace of Goddess Saraswati.

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