The one wards off darkness in your life and brings light .

dhyanamulam guromurtih pujamulam guroham padam mantramulam gurorvakyam muktimulam guroh krpa ॥

The original root and essence of Meditation is Guru murti, the Guru’s embodied form; the original root of worship is Gurupadam, the Guru’s Feet; the original root of mantra is Guru vakyam, the Guru’s Word. The original cause of liberation is Gurukripa, the Guru’s grace and compassion.

In Vedic tradition, the spiritual leader is called the #Guru. He is the counselor, healer, master teacher and mystic of the community. The Bhagavad Gita, the iconic sacred text of Vedic civilization, recounts the words of the incarnated God Krishna, who was both king and spiritual master: “I destroy the darkness of ignorance with the shining lamp of wisdom, through my compassion.”

Vedic commentaries include the ancient scripture Kularnava Tantra, which says: “The glory of surrendering at Guru’s feet is great. Remember the Guru’s sandals, they provide protection against great diseases, great disturbances, great evils, great fears, great calamities, and great sins.”

Om Gurubyo Namaha !

Guruve Sharanam

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