Hanuman Gayatri Mantra

Benefit (s) : Lord Hanuman is said to be one of the saviour of mankind in Kali Yuga. He is also one of the seven Chiranjivi – immortal living beings that will remain alive till the end of Kali Yuga. Praying to Lord Hanuman by chanting the Hanuman Gayatri Mantra will help to beget the blessings of Lord Hanuman as he is one of the Gods that are extremely soft-hearted towards his devotees. As a matter of fact, it is believed that Lord Hanuman is one of the boon giving deities in Kali Yuga. Also, Lord Hanuman is also known as Anjaneya, Anjani Putra, Bajrangbali, Maruthi, Vayu Putra, and many other names.
Lord Hanuman – Hanuman Gayatri Mantra
Lord Hanuman – Hanuman Gayatri Mantra
According to Ramayana, Lord Hanuman was the one whom assisted Lord Rama and Sita Devi tremendously when Sita Devi was abducted by Ravana to Lanka. When prayed by reciting the mantras dedicated to him, the powerful Vayu Puthra gives courage and braveness to anyone who seeks solace in him. Regular chanting of the Hanuman Gayatri Mantra wholeheartedly gives one great power, knowledge, and wisdom.
Lord Hanuman is usually prayed to overcome obstacles and problems in one’s life. It is also a very powerful success mantra (karya siddhi mantra). It is highly suggested that those whom are facing problems and obstacles after obstacles in their life should pray to Lord Hanuman.
Job seekers, working professionals, freelancers, and businessmen can also benefit by chanting this mantra. Students whom are weak in their studies can also chant the Hanuman Gayatri Mantra before starting their studies or revisions. Apart from that, those whom are suffering from health problems (both physical and mental health problems) as well as those whom are undergoing emotional distress and lethargy can benefit by chanting this mantra on a daily basis. This is also a mantra to protect you from dangers and mishaps and therefore, it is suggested that you pray to Lord Hanuman by chanting his Gayatri Mantra before setting out on your journeys.
The Hanuman Gayatri Mantra can also be chanted to thwart off negative energies and spirits. Those whom are constantly having nightmares and bad dreams should chant this mantra before going to bed for a peaceful and sound sleep. As for those whom are suffering from the ill luck of Lord Saturn (Shani) due to Shani Sade Sati (7 ½ years of Lord Shani), Shani Dhaiya (Ashtama Shani, Ardha Ashtama Shani) should pray to Lord Hanuman to negate the adverse effects of Lord Saturn. For those whom are suffering from Shani Dhasa (Shani Thisai) and/or Shani Bhukthi can also chant this mantra daily. Hanuman Gayatri Mantra is also a very powerful mantra to overcome fear, stage fright, public speaking, phobias, and nervousness.
As for married couples facing marital and domestic problems can benefit by praying to Lord Hanuman. Singles whom are wishing to get married soon to a compatible life partner can also pray to Lord Hanuman by chanting his Gayatri Mantra religiously. Married couples longing for a child and pregnant ladies wishing for a safe delivery of their babies can also seek the blessings of Lord Hanuman.
Best Days To Chant (If you are unable to chant daily) : Tuesdays, Saturdays, Moola Nakshatra days, and Ekadasi thithi days
Best Day For Initiating This Mantra : Moola Nakshatra Days, Chitra Paksha (waxing) Ekadasi thithi days, or on Hanuman Jayanti
Best Time To Chant : During Sunrise
Number of Times To Chant : 9, 11, or 108 times.
Who Can Chant This Mantra : Anyone regardless of their gender and age
How To Worship : You can either use the photo or yantra of Lord Hanuman
To Attain Mantra Siddhi : 100, 008 times on Hanuman Jayanti or 108 times a day for 48 days (1 mandala)
Naivedya (Food Offerings) : Vada (made out of black grams) and/or butter plus you can offer bananas too
Flower Offerings : Garland made out of betel leaves or just a few betel leaves along with fragrant flowers
Chant This Mantra Facing : East
Japa Mala : One can use the rosary beads made out of basil (Tulasi japa mala) or Rudraksha japa mala or rosary beads made of clear quartz crystals
The various versions of Hanuman Gayatri Mantra are as below :
Om Aanjaneyaaya Vidmahe
Vayu-puthraaya Dhimahee
Thanno Hanuman Prachodayath
Om Aanjaneyaaya Vidmahe
Mahaa-balaye Dhimahee
Thanno Hanuman Prachodayath
Om Anjani Sutaya Cha Vidmahe
Vayu-puthraaya Cha Dhimahee
Thanno Maruthi Prachodayath

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